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How do I tag?

To tag a photo or video, start by selecting a photo/video, tap “tag”, enter in the tag(s) by typing the keywords in the text box, separating each keyword by comma.  You can also select from the list of your custom keywords to enter in the tags.

What are tags?

Tags can be keywords or phrases separated by comma, for example: Family, San Francisco, Holiday

How do I tag multiple photos/videos?

To tag multiple photos/videos, tap “Select”, then tap on the photos/videos you want to tag.  When you are done selecting the photos/videos, tap “tag” to enter in the tags/keywords.

How do I edit tags?

To edit or delete your tags, select the photo/video you want to edit, tap “tag”,  and you should see the keywords appear in the text box.  You can add, edit, delete the keywords by typing in the text box.

How do I search for photos/videos?

  1. Tap “search”
  2. Select one or more tags by tapping on the keywords
  3. Select photos or videos or all
  4. Select Match Any or Match All

What is the difference with Match Any and Match All?

  • Match Any searches for photos/videos with any of the tags/keywords you select to search
  • Match All searches for photos/videos with all of the tags/keywords you select to search

How do I share my photos?

  1. Tap “share”
  2. Select a method of sharing

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